Our Database

FND Research Connect’s database can be used for both participant recruitment and for research on anonymised data. Participants update their details three times a year, meaning we have up to date screening information for recruitment, and fine-grained longitudinal information.

Data we Collect

  • Contact Details *
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Distance participant is willing to travel for in-person research
  • Duration of symptoms of FND
  • Year of diagnosis of FND
  • Date of resolution of symptoms (for participants in remission)
  • Symptom inventory – both resolved symptoms and current symptoms at each data update
  • Employment status
  • Treatments accessed, and timing of treatments.
  • Comorbid health conditions

* Contact details are for internal use by FND Research Connect only and cannot be provided to researchers. Contact with potential study participants is made by FND Research Connect on the researchers’ behalf.

Accessing Data

Both recruitment support and provision of anonymised data are available to FND researchers through an application process.